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4 Signs You May Need To Replace Your Roof

If you have a home that was built a few decades ago and has survived years’ worth of rains and has endured scorching heat and ice-cool winds, it may be time to look at the condition of your roof. Many homeowners do not realize just how bad their roof is doing until they witness parts of it falling off on the exterior and then requiring roof replacement.

By investing time in ensuring your roof’s health by holding regular inspections by professionals, you may be able to avoid unwelcome surprises such as leaks and partial collapses. Given below are five signs that indicate its time that you need a replacement executed by a professional residential roof replacement team: 

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Your roof has obvious holes

If you often find sunlight peeking through certain parts of your roof, or find water draining into your home during heavy rains, it probably means that your roof has holes. You may also look into not-so-obvious places and for instance, check your attic for signs of moisture. Prolonged harsh weather can further make these same holes turn bigger, and holes are an obvious sign that your roof needs professional help.

Your roof is missing its roofing installations

The most common roofing installations are shingles, which are essentially small rectangular pieces made out of a combination of asphalt and composite. If you witness that your roof is missing shingles, it is yet another obvious sign that your roof needs replacement. While you may also choose to only repair and replace the lost shingles, it is going to be a nuisance and going to end up costing you much more.

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Your roof is gathering mold

If you tend to notice a musty smell in your attic or notice dark green patches on your roof, it may be a sign that your roof is gathering mold and fungus. Whether this molding may be due to humid weather or heavy rains, once your roof gathers mold it causes your roof to constantly stay damp even during sunny weather. A damp roof promotes rotting and molding, and mold is an obvious sign of your roof needing replacement.

Your home and roof are old

The age of your roof is yet another obvious sign that it needs replacement pretty soon. While your roof may look sturdy even after 30 years since it was first put in, it may not be very strong internally. An aging roof is a constant hazard to the members of the home as bad weather or heavy storms could make your roof crash in at any time and cause severe damage to everyone in the house.


While it may be obvious when other things in your life need a repair or replacement, the same may not be true for your roof. If your car breaks down repeatedly, or your air conditioner keeps blowing hot air on the cool setting, you know that something may be wrong in its internal structure. However, you may get notified about your roof needing fixes and replacements only when it’s too late. Hence, you should actively be on the lookout for signs of roof damage and shouldn’t wait till the last minute.

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