7 Types of Packaging for Smaller Products: How to Increase Sales

Packaging plays a vital role in the sales of smaller products. Your packaging needs to look good and protect the product from any harm or damage while making it appealing to a potential customer. As a result, packaging is a massive part of the retail process. Packaging helps customers quickly identify products and make decisions about which ones they want to purchase.

Smaller products like some refills, cartridges and single cigarettes are difficult to sell. CBD products like 1ml bottles and many other are minimal products and hard to sell. CBD businesses try to get attractive custom cbd packaging for all cannabis products. We extract cannabis liquid carefully from the hemp plant and need solid packaging to store its natural effects. In this post, I will write seven types of packaging perfect for small items that you can use when creating your custom cannabis packaging!

Rigid Boxes for Added Safety:

It is not only Apple that uses this type of packaging, but many other manufacturers do. It protects from shocks and scratches for any items you might buy and makes them easy to store since they are stackable.

Rigid boxes are often made from the same type of paperboard used to create a standard cardboard box. However, it is four times thicker than that typically found in folding cartons and will usually be brown rather than plain white like a typical one would find at any grocery store or hardware store.

As a result, they have an unmistakable stiffness when you knock on them with your knuckles. They’re also noticeably heavier and denser as well which can reduce shipping costs for long distances. It’s not essential to pack too heavily since there’s enough rigidity present already. Packaging is good without adding extra support through packaging materials such as bubble wrap, etc.

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The cost of designer packaging is a little high, but the result can be worth it. Many people ship expensive jewelry and electronics in this type of package. The package helps them to arrive at their destination without damage.

Paperboard Boxes for Stylish Cuts:

Paperboard is a cheaper and more malleable alternative to cardboard. It’s used in many places like food packaging or product boxes. It is easy to break and cut without it breaking too much.

Paper is a versatile and inexpensive material that we use in many applications for centuries. We make paper from wood pulp or recycled materials, depending on the customer’s needs. Packaging can sometimes protect against breakage in the event of shipping. A single-ply form might not save your products to your satisfaction. A multi-ply would cost more, but it is more robust and cannot crush by pressure.

Paperboard is a lightweight and strong type of paper that you can use to wrap things. It’s easy to make and inexpensive. However, you can give it an expensive look by adding an elegant finish or textured stock. And because they’re so light in weight, retail stores will often choose this material for their displays when space becomes tight!

Chipboard for Rigidity and Light on Pocket:

Chipboard is recycled paper. The article is then compressed together and glued. The process of making chipboard is like MDF, but it is different. Fiberglass insulation will react differently in high-heat environments. In this environment, we spray it into walls and helps with airflow.

Chipboard is a type of cardboard made of recycled material that is also heavily customizable. We can make it cheaply and do not warp when the water is placed on it for long periods. The sound of crinkling paper is often synonymous with the word packaging. Chipboard boxes are typically used for packaging items that are highly likely to damage during shipping, such as glass and ceramics. They’re also commonly found in warehouses or grocery stores when you need extra protection on heavy loads like bulk bags of flour, sugar, rice, and other foodstuffs!

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Corrugated for Safety from Scratches:

Cardboard is the most recycled material in America, even though it’s one of the cheapest and easiest to produce. 90% of all cardboard used in this country was once a discarded item! With the outer layers being paper and the inner layer corrugated, cardboard has many strengths against pressure. I can also use it for many different purposes, such as insulation or protection.

The more layers the package has, the stronger it is. That also means it will cost more money to make. We make cardboard from recycled paper. It’s a good material because it’s cheap and you can use it again. Cardboard is easy to cut and shape. It is often found in inboxes. The kind of box you use depends on the sort of product you want to make.

Cotton Bags for Green Environment:

Cotton is the world’s most popular material, and you can find it everywhere. As a natural fiber, cotton serves many purposes, from clothing to storage as well as furnishings. For example, some companies may use cotton bags for their product packaging. The piece of jewelry or ornament would be in the bag, and you could give that to someone as a gift.

Cotton is a soft and comfortable material. We use it to make breathable clothes, so they are good when it gets hot in the summer. Long ago, people used cotton to make clothes. Clothes made with cotton last a long time. Cotton does not wear out like other fabrics, such as polyester and nylon. So cotton clothes look good for a long time!

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Cotton is one of the most common fabrics used in bags because it’s durable and affordable.


With so many different types of packaging available, it isn’t easy to know what’s best for your product. As a rule of thumb, you want something that is both eye-catching and durable enough to protect the contents inside.

For example, if you are selling makeup or perfume in smaller bottles such as 30ml bottle boxes. We must pack these products in an attractive but secure way like our small glass jars with printable lids. Have questions about what these types of boxes look like, visit the mentioned link and see what’s new they have.

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