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Many people opt for different types of hair care services to improve their appearances, like hair colouring, heat styling, or haircutting. However, a lot of people favour temporary solutions to change their appearance.

Hair extensions are false hair add-ons that many customers opt for in this regard. These mainly give an impression of longer and thicker hair.

To note, how long you can use these hair extensions differ as per the type of application. So, as you research “hair extensions near meonline, it is better to look for salons that offer more than one option.

Also, verify the credentials and expertise level of the salon experts at this time.

Options for hair extensions clients prefer

Typically, there are multiple versions of hair extensions to choose amongst. Many of the salon patrons select out of the following six types of application, in natural or synthetic hair varieties.

1.     Clip-in extensions

In comparison to the other types of hair extensions available in the market, this option is very easy to apply. Typically, these come in silicone or fabric clip pieces. This mainly fastens at the top part of the extension panel.

Generally, clip-in extensions do not take a lot of time to put on and are easy to remove, wear, and wash. Moreover, they last for approximately 3-6 months if you wear them regularly. Experts mainly suggest this for clients who want a beginner-level hair extension they can manage at home.

2.     Tape-in extensions

These extension types have adhesive on one section that would stick to the scalp. During the application, professionals place the tape-in extension a little lower than the natural hair roots. Thereafter, the pre-taped part sticks on after they use a heating tool like flat iron to heat-seal it on.

As for the time of removal, the salon professionals would use a glue remover to carefully pull the extension off. This way, your hair and scalp condition would stay secure. The product would last for 1-2 months, especially for the semi-permanent type.

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3.     Micro-link extensions

The micro-link extensions or loop/micro bead hair extensions come in small strands of hair. Professionals attach them one by one to the client’s natural hairline with small beads. Thereafter, they utilize a particular tool to tightly fit the extension in place.

Since this service is more complex, it is better to rely solely on hairstylists with experience in performing this task. With the right level of expertise, the session should take around 2-4 hours to complete. Plus, the salon professionals can carefully pull out the extensions without causing pain and pressure.

After getting this, the extension would stay for 4 months at least.

4.     Fusion extensions

In the fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions, tiny sections of strands have adhesive at their end. Later, the professionals use a tool to take one strand at a time and attach them to the natural hairline of the client.

Again, salon professionals are the best options to depend on for this type of hair extension application.

Also, you may have to go for a secondary touch-up service a few months later when your natural hair grows. In this case, visit the original salon specialist who took care of the service during the first session for best results.

5.     Sew-in extensions

To note, weaves or braid-in extensions are long-lasting, since the professionals essentially sew the strands into the scalp. Plus, clients barely notice any attachment line with this option. So, the hair appears more natural.

People with thicker and coarser natural hair can use this extension type best. The application process is highly painful as well, which is why this is not a go-to option for many clients. Yet, for those looking for a more permanent hair extension option, this choice is best.

Common reasons to use hair extensions

Many people choose to opt for hair extensions due to personal reasons, like improving their appearance or correcting a previous haircutting error.

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●      Make your tresses look longer and fuller

Hair extensions are a common choice for people wishing for a longer hairstyle. To note, hair strands do not grow at a very fast pace. Plus, for some people, medical conditions stop the regular healthy hair growth rate.

For these people, hair extensions are useful alternatives to get long hair quickly and efficiently.

●      Add coloured hair without harming your original hair

Many women and men have the desire to colour their hair in different hues. However, the chemical formula in these solutions is harmful to hair health. In this situation, using coloured hair extensions is a better alternative for most people.

Those who need a temporary change in look for an event or occasion pick this option.

●      Fix haircut errors with false hair

Haircut errors are common for many people. Either the salon specialists did not cut as per the directions, or the clients do not find the style satisfactory after it completes. In such cases, people choose hair extensions to hide haircutting or styling errors.

●      Make your hair look thicker after hair loss

Adding extra strands of hair increases the volume of one’s natural hair. As a result, you would notice a thicker and healthy hair look; this factor commonly prompts many people to get hair extensions. Especially for people with damaged hair or less hair count, this is an effective solution.

●      Reduce the possibility of hair damage during styling

Instead of using heating tools and chemical solutions on your hair regularly, you can opt for styled hair extensions. Thereafter, you would notice comparatively less hair damage.

●      Try out a new look for a special occasion

For a specific event, many people want to flaunt a new look. Here, wearing temporary hair extensions like clip-ins is better than doing something with long-term consequences, like cutting or colouring your natural hair.

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●      Simple to use and manage

Most hair extension types are simple to wear, clean, and remove. In case of intricate variants, salon professionals can quickly handle the task.

What kind of hair care services can you expect from the top-quality salons from Zoylee?

You can get in touch with a variety of hair care specialists from top salons through the Zoylee online salon booking app. To improve hair condition and appearance, they offer a variety of services to clients.

●      Hair extensions

The salon professionals have training and experience in different types of hair extension applications. Plus, they would offer necessary tips for efficient maintenance as well.

●      Perms/relaxers

Many of the best hair care specialists from salons offer perm services to provide a thick curly look. Plus, relaxers are effective for hair smoothening. Besides these, many of the salons offer hair spa work first or as an accompaniment to improve hair quality.

●      Haircutting/styling

The most common service available in hair salons is hair trimming and styling services. Before taking their service, you should check their previous work. Also, opt for a trial run first if you are hiring for an event-specific reason.

●      Hair colouring

The hair care professionals at top hair salons have skills in hair coloring mixing and application. They consider the hair and scalp health of the client first and apply a suitable amount of solution for vibrancy and scalp safety.

Typically, the best stylists train in hair colouring techniques first, like balayage, ombre, and highlights.


Overall, hair extensions are valuable choices for clients looking for quick and temporary hair growth or fashion choice. Most of the variety available here require professional assistance since they are complex and often painful. So, you should research carefully and get this service from qualified salon professionals only.





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