BMW Suspension Tuning- What You Need to Know

Understanding your BMW tuner’s dynamics helps attain maximum grip and a well-balanced setup. The primary role of the suspension is to help your BMW stay in contact with the road by optimizing the surface area contact. Adjusting the different aspects of the suspension kit may help to increase the breaking, cornering, and acceleration forces. Here is what you should know about BMW suspension tuning:

The Purpose of Suspension Tuning

To keep the right path, you must increase tire grip and ground contact when traveling through corners. Suspension tuning helps to enhance your BMW handling capabilities. Your car can maintain a course through braking, turns, bad weather conditions, and rough surfaces. 

The suspension consists of springs, shocks, tire air, and tires that connect your BMW to its wheels. Manufacturers can offer parts optimized for your specific brand of BMW. Custom shocks and the capability to make adjustments are helpful when setting the suspension. 

Adjustments for Perfect Balance

Spring Rating

The easiest way to improve the performance of your BMW suspension kit is by making adjustments to the spring rating. Spring rating is what determines how stiff or soft your suspension is. Achieving a balance between the front and rear spring rating helps to manage understeer and oversteer. But other factors determine how soft or hard your suspension setup needs to be, like the weight of your car and the terrain you drive on. 

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers collaborate with the springs to absorb motion from bumps on the road. Similar to springs, you can adjust shock absorbers to absorb less or more of the shocks based on your needs. 

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Anti-roll Bar (ARB)

An anti-roll bar helps control the car’s side movements and stiffen the suspension. Some BMW models have an ARB installed. If yours doesn’t have one, visit a workshop and have it fitted with a high-grade performance piece to improve handling.

Suspension Pads

If you don’t wish to tighten your suspension’s spring rating to improve your car’s performance, suspension pads would be a great option. They are small rubber pieces added to the suspension’s base to contact the springs manually. Suspension pads are a cost-effective method to replace the springs if you cannot adjust the existing ones. 

Strut Braces

The strut brace attaches to the suspension’s strut mounts. The bar transfers loads off the strut mounts during cornering to improve handling performance and increase suspension stiffness. 

What Suspension Tuning Involves

Suspension tuning involves the modification of shock absorbers, springs, and struts that impact how a vehicle accelerates, corners, and brakes. There are various stages within the strut’s cylinder for different degrees of performance and durability. Shorter springs offer a lower center of gravity, but stiffer shock absorbers enhance how the weight gets shifted when cornering. Installing stiffer sway bars is another great way to tune your BMW suspension for better balance. They help to improve handling and cornering because they function like stiffer springs. 

You can also add strut bars to maintain proper suspension and improve body stiffness during cornering. Adjusting the back and front axles can help to customize suspension modifications. Before tuning the suspension, consider your vehicle’s weight distribution, power-to-weight ratio, tire width, and handling balance. Incremental, minor adjustments are more valuable than extreme modifications. 

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Benefits of Suspension Tuning

Better feel of the road: Most of the vibrations from the road surface are handled through the steering wheel. Lowered suspension helps you to know how your vehicle behaves on different pavements. 

Stiffer ride: More rigid rings help the back or front of your BMW to not bottom out over depressions or bumps.

Less leaning in corners: Suspension tuning helps to lower the center of gravity to reduce bending around a sharp turn. The BMW acts more responsively and settles more quickly when turning.

Better handling: When the vehicle is closer to the ground, the effects can be more grip at speed, more stability, and improved responsiveness. Stiffer springs help with lowering, which means less weight gets transferred when you hit the brake or gas hard. 

See a Quality BMW Tuner Today

Visit a BMW tuner at a high-quality shop that is dedicated to creating the most performance-driven and innovative aftermarket parts. Give priority to a business that makes performance upgrades that outperform others in the aftermarket industry. A company with vast expertise working with BMWs will have trained engineers and technicians to help you get the most out of your vehicle. They can help you find the best suspension setup for your BMW.

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