It is a community that tries to find a better way to improve the products and also make the user experience more enjoyable. The brave browser is based on chromium that’s the open-source version from chrome. The brave strips in the browser help in turn off a lot of features and make the browser run fast as possible and make it smooth.


Chromecast contains:

#1 st generation

# 2 nd generation

#  Audio

#  3 rd generation

#  Chromecast with TV.

Google develops a digital media player. Chromecast is one of the finest and fewest hardware and it evolves by tech giants. It allows users to cast in their mobile phones or their personal computers to the audio system or television by using google cast technology, the contents of that can also be casted with television. It will get an update on a regular basis to keep the Chromecast up-to-date.



In starting the Chromecast comes in a bigger size pen drive with an HDMI plug built in the body. the device consists of 2 GB and 512 MB. in this first generation of Chromecast we can able to cast videos at  1080p. This generation of technologies is only able to connect with high internet sources like wifi technologies and only able to connect with 2.5 GHz of the frequency band.

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Compared with the first generation of Chromecast, the second generation has upgraded. The RAM of the second and first-generation is the same but the storage capacity was less than 256 MB. It is also able to display the video to 1080p at 30 fps and 720p videos at 60 fps. The second generation supports 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz.


The Chromecast Audio was launched together with the second generation of Chromecast. It contains flash storage of 256 MB and a RAM of 256 MB. Chromecast audio comes with the 3.5 mm audio jack which is allowed to connect with a speaker system and audio. It is a successful Chromecast device.

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It is an upgrade made to the second generation of Chromecast. The Chromecast ultra is able to cast 4000 ultra HD videos. Unlike other Chromecast, the Chromecast ultra requires a separate power supplier like a power adapter to connect with the outlet. This Chromecast ultra version is 1.8 times faster compared with other versions.

The power supply also rents an ethernet port for a wired connection. The Chromecast of ultra was not that much different compared with previous versions. The shape of the ultra was a circular shape. The HDMI cable was stuck magnetically to the back of that device. It supports android, iOS, and MAC windows.

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It is a recently launched Chromecast In the google digital media player. being the most recent version it’s a bit more upgraded version of the second generation. design-wise it’s similar to the second generation. 3 rd generation Chromecast has a round-shaped design.  The third generation also contains the same design which is used in the second generation. The third generation is a handful to use and it was in a compact size.  the resolution is up to 1080p 60fps. The third generation is the tag of an updated version of the second generation.


It is somewhat different from the previous versions. Chromecast with google tv was launched to compare with the devices like smart devices like fire sticks etc. The Google TV has an intuitive UI along with the google play store. which supports the installation of different and various games and apps, enables google assistant to the remote control, and like the last version, we are able to connect with smartphones.

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There are different Chromecast available in the marketing data apart from the devices which are in the smart TV it comes with inbuilt Chromecast support it is customized and makes it easier to the users. if you need this stream connect and install it with the respective apps and applications.

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