How to Find Your Desired Shirt

Finding the right shirt can be a challenging task, as there are many factors to consider, such as fabric, fit, occasion, and color. But with the help of Silailor, an online tailor in Delhi, it can be made easier. However, with some guidance, you can easily find your desired shirt that not only looks great but also fits perfectly. This article will provide you with tips on how to find your desired shirt.

Step 1 – Know Your Body Type

Before you start shopping for a shirt, it is important to know your body type. Knowing your body type will help you determine the right fit and style of shirt that suits you best. If you have a slim body, choose slim-fit shirts that accentuate your physique. If you have a larger body frame, opt for regular-fit shirts that provide you with more comfort.

Step 2  – Determine the Occasion

The occasion for which you are buying the shirt will also influence your decision. If it is a formal event, choose a classic dress shirt, while for casual occasions, you can go for more relaxed shirts like polo or Hawaiian shirts.

  1. Consider the formality of the event: Is it a formal or informal occasion? This will help determine the level of dressiness required for your shirt.
  2. Think about the dress code: If there is a dress code specified, make sure to follow it. This will give you an idea of what type of shirt is appropriate for the occasion.
  3. Consider the location and venue: If the event is held in a more relaxed setting, you may be able to opt for a more casual shirt. However, if it is a more upscale event, you may want to go for a dressier shirt.
  4. Look at the time of day: If it is a daytime event, you may want to go for lighter colors and fabrics, while a night-time event may require darker colors and dressier fabrics.
  5. Take your personal style into account: While it is important to dress appropriately for the occasion, you should also feel comfortable and confident in your outfit. Choose a shirt that reflects your personal style while still being appropriate for the occasion.

Step 3  – Choose the Right Fabric

The fabric of the shirt is essential for both comfort and durability. Cotton is a popular fabric for shirts as it is breathable and easy to care for. Other fabrics to consider include linen, silk, and polyester.

  1. Consider the weather: If you live in a hot and humid climate, choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable like cotton, linen, or rayon. If you live in a colder climate, you may want to opt for heavier fabrics like wool or flannel.
  2. Look for quality: The quality of the fabric will determine how long your shirt will last. Look for fabrics that are durable and can withstand regular washing and wearing.
  3. Consider the occasion: Different occasions call for different fabrics. For formal occasions, you may want to choose fabrics like silk or satin. For more casual occasions, cotton or linen may be more appropriate.
  4. Think about color and pattern: Some fabrics come in a range of colors and patterns, while others are more limited. Consider what colors and patterns will complement your skin tone and personal style.
  5. Check the care instructions: Before you choose a fabric, make sure you are comfortable with the care instructions. Some fabrics require special care like dry cleaning, while others can be easily washed at home.

By considering these factors, you can choose a fabric that will not only look great but also meet your practical needs.

Step 4  – Consider the Color

Color is another important factor to consider when buying a shirt. Choose colors that suit your skin tone and complement your wardrobe. Neutral colors like white, black, and gray are versatile and easy to match with other pieces.

Step 5  – Decide on the Fit

The fit of the shirt is crucial for both comfort and style. You can choose from slim, regular, or loose fit shirts, depending on your preference and body type. Remember that a well-fitted shirt should not be too tight or too loose.

Step 6  – Set a Budget

Before you start shopping for a shirt, set a budget. Shirts come in a wide range of prices, so it’s important to determine how much you are willing to spend. Keep in mind that high-priced shirts are not always better in terms of quality.

Step 7  – Look for Inspiration

If you’re not sure about what style or color of shirt to choose, look for inspiration online. Check out fashion blogs, social media, and style websites to get ideas and find out what’s trending.

Step 8  – Finding the Right Online Tailor

To ensure that you get the perfect fit, consider using an online tailor. Look for a reputable online tailor that provides customized shirt-stitching services. You can send in your measurements and preferences, and the tailor will create a shirt that fits you perfectly.

Additional Tips for Shirt Shopping

  1. Check the Quality – Look for well-constructed shirts with good quality stitching and finishing.
  2. Consider the Collar Style – Collar styles vary from classic point collars to more contemporary styles like spread collars and button-down collars.
  3. Pay Attention to the Buttons – Look for durable buttons that are sewn on securely.
  4. Look for Extra Features – Details like pockets, cuffs, and plackets can add extra style and functionality to a shirt.
  5. Try Before You Buy – If you’re buying a shirt in-store, make sure to try it on before purchasing to ensure a good fit.


In conclusion, finding the perfect shirt for you is all about knowing your body type, determining the occasion, choosing the right fabric and color, deciding on the fit, setting a budget, looking for inspiration, and finding the right tailor. Keep in mind that checking the quality, considering the collar style, paying attention to the buttons, looking for extra features, and trying before you buy are also important factors. Use the tips and advice in this guide to help you find your desired shirt and feel confident and comfortable in your new purchase.


A. How can I find a good tailor for my shirt?

Finding a good tailor for your shirt can be a daunting task, but with a few simple steps, you can make the process easier. Ask for referrals from friends or family members who have had a positive experience with a tailor. You can also check online reviews to find a reputable tailor in your area.

B. How do I know which fabric to choose?

Choosing the right fabric for your shirt can depend on several factors, including the occasion, climate, and personal preference. Some popular options for dress shirts include cotton, linen, and silk. Consider the breathability, comfort, and durability of each fabric when making your choice.

C. What are some common collar styles for shirts?

There are several common collar styles for shirts, including the point collar, spread collar, and button-down collar. The choice of collar style can depend on personal preference and the occasion for which the shirt will be worn.

D. How do I ensure a good fit for my shirt?

To ensure a good fit for your shirt, take accurate measurements of your body and compare them to the size chart provided by the retailer or tailor. Pay attention to the collar, sleeve length, chest, and waist measurements. If possible, try on the shirt before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

E. How can I style my shirt for different occasions?

The way you style your shirt can depend on the occasion. For formal events, pair your shirt with a suit or blazer and dress pants. For casual occasions, pair it with jeans or chinos. Consider the color and pattern of the shirt and match it with appropriate accessories, such as a tie or pocket square.

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