How To Know if I Am a Good Candidate for Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is one of the most innovative solutions for hair loss. The process is popular because it’s effective, quick, and long-lasting. You may be a good candidate for this procedure if you:

Suffer From Alopecia Areata 

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder characterized by circular bald patches in various parts of the scalp. It occurs when your autoimmune system attacks your hair follicles, causing them to fall out. The bald spots caused by alopecia areata aren’t orderly or patterned, so they can be difficult to control. 

SMP is an excellent solution for people with this condition as it can help fill in the patches. Your SMP practitioner can replicate natural hair follicles on your bald spots, hiding the symptoms of alopecia areata. 

Have Male Pattern Baldness 

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is a form of balding that occurs in a pattern. The condition starts with a receding hairline followed by hair thinning at the crown of the head. It may be difficult to control the condition as it can result from hormonal changes, genes, or medical conditions. 

SMP can help manage the condition by reshaping your hairline and placing small dots of pigments on the crown of your head. The tiny dots create the appearance of a clean-shaven head that’s just starting to grow out. 

Want a Better Hairline

Sometimes hair loss only occurs on the hairline — this can result from aging or hormonal changes. It’s also common among people who over-style their hair. 

SMP can fix a diminishing hairline by making it appear like hair follicles are growing on the hairline. A reliable SMP practitioner will likely consider your facial features and the shape of your head when shaping your hairline to make it appear natural. 

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Have Scarring 

It can be difficult for hair to grow on or around a scar. Scalp micropigmentation can help cover up scarring from a head injury or a hair transplant procedure. Your SMP practitioner only has to replicate hair follicles around and over the scar to make it blend with the rest of your scalp. For an even-looking head of hair, professional practitioners use pigments that match clients’ existing hair. 

Determining if SMP Is Worth It

Here are a few reasons why SMP might be an ideal solution for you or a loved one:


It’s near-impossible to tell the difference between real hair and SMP hair follicles when they’re done right. Professional SMP artists can make sure your micropigmentation blends in with the rest of your hair by choosing the right color pigment. To do so, they’ll likely buzz down your hair to get its natural color. Some artists also consider your complexion when choosing pigments to find one that best matches the rest of your face. 

Easy to Maintain

Clients don’t need to invest in numerous hair products to keep their scalps looking good after SMP. You only need to moisturize your scalp and apply sunscreen daily, especially if your scalp is constantly exposed to the sun. This, combined with occasional touch-ups, can make your SMP last longer. 


There’s little to no downtime associated with SMP as it’s a fast-healing process. You can go about your daily activities immediately after your sessions or within a few days. For the best results, avoid scratching your scalp or using products that can cause irritation right after your procedure. 

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Find a Reliable Micropigmentation Practitioner

The effectiveness of your procedure hinges on your choice of an SMP practitioner — work with certified professionals to get the best results. Certification shows a practitioner has undergone the training needed to produce quality results. 

Consider a practitioner’s client portfolio before choosing them for your SMP. A credible practitioner will likely have multiple before and after client videos and pictures on their website to show the quality of their work. If not, they’ll be willing to show you their portfolio if you ask — make sure the results are up to your standards before settling on them. Choose one who’s worked with people dealing with the same problem as you, as they can offer better results.

Improve Your Scalp With SMP 

Micropigmentation is ideal for people struggling with alopecia, scarring, and baldness. It can replicate the appearance of natural hair follicles, thereby hiding your scalp issues. The procedure is fast, long-lasting, and easy to maintain when done right. Find a scalp micropigmentation practitioner today.

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