Sibling bond explained through cartoons: Raksha Bandhan lessons for little kids


The auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and we are all busy making preparations for Raksha Bandhan because we want to make the best use of this opportunity that can be availed of only once a year in order to voice out or emotions of love and affection towards our doubt we spend the entire year while fighting and arguing with our siblings over petty issues such as a glass of water, or a plate of Maggi, but on Raksha Bandhan, every year we focus on showing our love on our brother or sister and making them feel appreciated. You too can buy Raksha Bandhan gifts online and shower all your love upon your dear siblings. Given below are the popular pairs of siblings in the cartoon world that can give life lessons to little kids while having fun. Thereby, teaching them a lot about the precious bond of siblinghood.


Shinchan and Himawari

This little kid Shin-chan is regarded as the powerhouse of Mischief. he is famous for all the mischief that he does and the best part is that nobody finds it offensive because he is simply adorable and cute. However, Shin-chan reveals another aspect of his personality when he is around his sister because he becomes  protective and responsible for Himawari, who is younger than him. so you can learn a lot about the ideal behaviour of an elder brother from Shin-chan,


Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercups (Powerpuff girls)

Siblinghood is not just between a brother and sister, it can be among sisters as well. if you have ever seen the famous cartoon Powerpuff Girls, then you must be aware of the wonderful cooperation between Bubbles, blossom and buttercups. the Three wonder girls walk on the Path of truth and fight all the evils together. Thus, exhibiting the importance of cooperation among siblings.


Jack and Oggy

Jack is Oggy’s elder brother and he is always there to protect him from the Cockroaches or the dog in the neighbourhood. Thus, revealing the protective nature of the elder brother. while Oggy is also very considerate about his elder brother, he loves him a lot and takes care that nothing bothers his dear elder brother.


Ninja Hattori and Shinzo

Shinzo is a little, cute, innocent Ninja; who loves his bade bhaiya: Ninja Hattori and depends upon him for his protection. You too can send rakhi online to USA and seek a Vow of protection from your brother, just as Ninja Hattori protects his little brother Shinzo. not just brother, he is also a teacher to him because he teaches him various Ninja techniques. Thus, making sure that Shinso learns everything that is essential for him.


Dexter and Dee Dee

Although many people regard elder sisters as evil and troublesome, Dexter would surely not say so. He loves his elder sister a lot and adores her with lots of love. Dee Dee also loves her little brother and is proud of him for being so dexterous and genius. you can learn the lessons of appreciating your sibling for their talents with this amazing sibling Jodi of Dexter and Dee Dee.


Phineas, Ferb and Candice

Phineas and Ferb fall somewhere in the same age group and they spend their entire day together. They like spending their time while making discoveries and very often they are shown doing some great discoveries while playing in their backyard. whereas Candice is shown spying on them and being worried about what the little kids are up to? You can witness the true bond of siblinghood among Phineas, Ferb and Candice; wherein they fight with each other, they argue with each other but they also love each other and fight for each other from others.


Elsa and Anna

Elsa and Anna had grown up together and they had always loved enjoying their time together. They used to play together. However, time made it difficult for them because there emerged some sort of misunderstanding between the two. However, in the end, the power of sibling love wins and Anna proves her love for her dear Sister by sacrificing her life for Elsa, which shows the pure and loving Bond that exists between the siblings.


You too can watch these amazing sibling jodis and learn a lot about the love and hate relationship that exists among siblings. These cartoons are a wonderful way of teaching life lessons in a light mood. You can watch them with your brother and sister or with the entire family and have a nice time together while enjoying the cartoons along with some tasty food. thereby cherishing your old memories with your dear siblings.

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