Tips for Recording Gaming Content on Your PC

How to get better at recording screen on your PC and creating the best gaming content? Here are the three tips that can help you record high-quality gameplay with an online screen recorder.

If you want to improve your gameplay recordings and create better-quality content, you are at the right place. It has been over a decade since people started recording their computer games and sharing them on online streaming platforms like YouTube. As the quality of games kept getting improved, better computers and gaming consoles also replaced your old computers. 

So, it doesn’t make sense to use old screen recording utilities to record gaming videos. You can follow our tips to improve your game recordings with the best screen recorder Windows 10. Suppose you want to record games for free or want a screen recorder with every feature that you can imagine; we got you covered. Also, find out what makes iTop Screen Recorder the best video recording platform for your computer.

TIP 1: Use the Game Bar for Free Screen Recording

To kick things off, let’s talk about the free and built-in screen recorder that Windows 10 offers, the Xbox Game Bar. If you are someone who is new to the whole recording games on your PC idea, spending money to get a screen recorder is the last thing you want. As a new gaming content creator, you can simply use the Game Bar on your PC to record gameplay and short clips and share them online. The Game Bar does not have many features of a typical online screen recorder, but it can help you get into high-quality screen recording with zero cost.

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TIP 2: Level up Your Recordings with Microsoft Stream 

If you want to record and share the best gaming videos and you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you can use Microsoft Stream to do anything you want. Not only it has some of the best screen recording features, but you also get an integrated video-sharing platform to share your videos and recording on other Microsoft applications like Teams. It is also the best screen recorder Windows 10 for office workers and students as they can upload videos and invite their colleagues and friends to view them. 

TIP 3: Get All Screen Recording Features with the iTop Screen Recorder

If you want to record videos in HD, 4K quality, and you don’t want to put the burden on the processor by using a heavyweight screen recorder, using the iTop Screen Recorder is best for you. It is the best screen recorder and video editor with all the new and advanced recording features. It enables users to record videos and gameplays with external and system audio. The software work on low processing and so you can use record games with 200 FPS without any lag. You can also record videos with your webcam using picture-in-picture recording. Here are the steps to use the iTop screen recorder.

STEP 1: Download the iTop Screen Recorder for free. Install and run the application when you want to record something.

STEP 2: Click on the “Console” icon in the main interface to record the game you are playing. Customize other settings, such as audio, capture size, webcam, etc.

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STEP 3: Hit the record button to start recording. When you finish recording, you can go to “My Creation” to preview and edit the video.


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