Top 8 Reasons to Choose Polyurea Floor Coating

The polyurea floor coating benefits have been steadily gaining traction since their invention by Otto Bayer in Germany in 1937. Many homeowners need help deciding how to protect the concrete flooring in their garage and basement. Epoxy is the standard option many choose for their homes, but it’s time to consider investing in polyurea floor coating.

Polyurea flooring maintenance is significantly less than the alternatives, providing the sleek look you crave for your garage. It’s cost-effective and allows you to maintain the concrete in areas with traffic from people and vehicles alike.

The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learning more about polyurea vs. epoxy flooring and the benefits of polyurea coatings. Keep reading to learn about eight reasons to get polyurea flooring today!

1. Durability

Look at any old concrete garage floor, and you’ll be sure to find potholes and cracks throughout. The climate you live in plays a factor in the durability of your garage floor, but you should also invest in a coating to give the concrete the help it needs. One of the most significant polyurea floor coating benefits is the durability this coating provides to your garage floor.

Polyurea coatings are 20 times stronger than the leading epoxy options. Epoxy struggles to handle hard impacts, but polyurea coatings will brace for impact and remain intact. The difference between polyurea vs. epoxy is the flexibility that polyurea provides.

Rest easy knowing your new floor coating won’t split or peel for years. It’s the best investment if you’re worried about polyurea flooring durability.

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2. Quick to Cure

Another notable benefit of polyurea floor coatings is the curing time. Picking a flooring coating option that cures quickly is essential since it eliminates time for bubbles to occur beneath the coating. Many homeowners that choose epoxy coatings discover bubbles after the coating is applied, ruining the appearance and causing a weak spot on your floor.

You will see the polyurea flooring harden within 24 hours of applying it to your garage’s concrete floor. You can start moving things back into your garage and using them normally after the polyurea coating dries. It’s the best option for convenience since it requires the least maintenance and it’s quick and easy to install.

3. Improves Your Garage’s Appearance

Many homeowners love the sleek appearance their garage takes on after they install a polyurea floor coating. That clean, slightly wet appearance makes your garage look rich and well-maintained to all visitors to your home. Regular concrete provides a bland appearance but getting a polyurea floor coating changes that in a massive way.

You’ll find many options to choose from for the finish of your garage flooring. Pick a stain or finish that meshes well with the overall look of your home. Clear finishes are popular, but you can also add some colorful chips to the mix to add a bit more flair. The chips provide a finish reminiscent of granite for your garage flooring.

4. UV Resistant

UV rays are damaging to everything they touch, from your skin to the leather in your daily driver. One area that gets overlooked for UV ray damage is the flooring in your garage. Epoxy coatings seem great on the surface, but extended exposure to UV rays will cause your new floor coating to turn an ugly shade of yellow.

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Investing in a polyurea floor coating for your home is the right move if you want to protect your garage floor from UV rays during the summer. This option is far more resistant to ultraviolet rays. You won’t need to worry about your garage floor coating turning yellow or beginning to fade when you choose polyurea vs. epoxy.

5. Increased Home Value

Homeowners are always searching for ways to add more value to their homes. Adding a polyurea floor coating to the garage and basement of your home is a sure way to boost your home’s value on the market. Getting the concrete in the garage replaced is a major pain in the neck, and it damages your bank account too.

Homes with upgrades like polyurea floor coatings tend to fetch a better price on the real estate market. Here’s an in-depth look at how to increase your home value with upgraded garage flooring.

6. Moisture Resistance

One of the primary causes of cracking garage flooring is too much moisture in your garage. Your polyurea garage floors will resist moisture with ease, preventing those frustrating cracks that form over the years. You’ll enjoy peace of mind that your garage floors are safe from moisture damage and cracking with this floor coating investment.

7. Easy Maintenance

Garage maintenance is high on many homeowners’ lists of dreaded household chores. Garage cleaning is time-consuming, dirty work that reveals household pests like spiders and mice. You can eliminate a ton of work by investing in a polyurea floor coating for your garage.

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The only thing you need to do to maintain your new garage floor coating is to clean it on a consistent basis like you would any other flooring in your home. You won’t need to recoat the flooring since the polyurea flooring lifespan is so long.

8. Greater Safety

Another reason to consider getting a polyurea garage floor coating is the safety they provide to your family. Regular concrete gets slippery as dust and moisture accumulate on it, but polyurea provides anti-slip properties to keep you safe. Your garage floor will still provide plenty of traction when the floor is wet, preventing serious injuries when you’re working in the garage.

Invest in Polyurea Floor Coating Today

Getting polyurea floor coating for your garage and basement is the best move to make for your financial future as well as your safety. The polyurea flooring maintenance is minimal, and the durability allows the coating to last forever while maintaining the concrete beneath it. Best of all, you’ll boost the value of your home while adding a sleek and luxurious appearance to your garage.

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