You Need to Back Up Your Files & Data. Here’s How to Do It

Losing important business data and files due to ransomware or file corruption is a frustrating experience. Data loss also poses security risks and can make a company lose good customers. Businesses need professional outsourced technical support to update their computer systems and keep the stored data and files safe.

Hiring professional IT support solutions also saves businesses a lot of time. Employees can focus on their responsibilities, resulting in increased performance and productivity. These IT services make data and file backup a significant part of computer usage in any business organization.

How to Back Up Files and Data

Despite the many ways a company can back up its data and files, not all options are ideal. Understanding how to protect data and files correctly is significant for businesses’ security and overall growth. Here are a few suggestions by IT experts on how firms can back up their data and files correctly.

Cloud Backup

Cloud storage is among the latest backup technological trends to consider. Modern businesses prefer cloud storage because of its data security. End-to-end encryption makes it difficult for cybercriminals to access the stored data.

There are several pros of cloud storage. It stores data in remote locations, making it easier to access the data from any place. Backing up data in the cloud is not a complex process; it is automatic.

There are plenty of cloud backup plans to consider. The most common option is Google Drive. Google service has a free storage space of 15GB, allowing the storage of many large files.

iCloud is another form of cloud storage a business should use. It is a cloud storage solution available on iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. Other cloud storage services are iDrive, MegaBackup, DropBox, and OneDrive.

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External Hard Drive

This is similar to a hard disk drive (HDD). Unlike the HDD, these data and file backup solutions aren’t inserted inside the computer. Currently, there are wired and wireless external hard drives that companies can use.

External hard drives have several pros. They have different storage spaces to meet the needs of different users. Businesses intending to back up large amounts of data and files can get external hard drives with up to 12TB capacity.

The speed of transmitting data from the computer to an external hard drive is also very high. USB or Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) increases the data transmission speed.

Using an external hard drive is also very easy. With a good USB interface, one can back up all data and files without any challenge.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Device

This is a server that can either be wired or wireless. NAS devices utilize other storage devices like HDD to create large storage capacities. Note that these devices don’t come as a package. They have separate prices, and so may be quite expensive.

NAS devices have several advantages. They provide automatic data backups.

One major disadvantage of these devices is that they create data redundancy. This can result in data inconsistency, resulting in the wastage of storage spaces.

USB Flash Drive

These are among the most affordable backup solutions to consider. They are portable, and one can move data to different locations without any inconvenience.

Unlike other storage solutions, USB flash drives have storage capacity limitations. They can also easily get lost or stolen.

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Consider an Outsourced Technical Support

Many businesses still don’t know the kind of files and data to backup or where to safely archive them. These and other reasons make outsourced technical support necessary to any business organization.

IT support understands the best backup software for all data and files. Not all IT support solutions are worth outsourcing. So, it’s crucial for a business to hire an experienced, reputable, and licensed IT support company.

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