5 Types of Divorce Cases a Divorce Attorney Deals With

Getting a divorce is a critical phase in anyone’s life. Things can heat up when you interact with your partner for divorce negotiations. You should get legal advice during such difficult times as a skilled divorce lawyer gives reasonable choices to settle your divorce and if possible, out of court. You need to do a lot of paperwork in divorce proceedings. A lawyer guides you in filling out all forms correctly to prevent any critical complications. 

So what are the types of divorce cases that an attorney can handle? Find them below:

Contested Divorce 

Contested divorce can be the most critical type of divorce as a husband and wife don’t agree on big issues, such as child custody and spousal support. The lawyers try negotiating a settlement, the case goes to the court and a judge rules on the contested issues. You do settlement negotiations and hearings to resolve issues. A court trial will be crucial if there is no agreement. 

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce had no trial as both the parties agreed on the same terms. It is the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to get a divorce. 

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce includes every party working with a lawyer to get into an agreement without going to court. The lawyer should resign and the parties start with new lawyers if a case doesn’t get resolved. Both parties should cooperate and negotiate to get into a mutually beneficial agreement. Full disclosure is crucial to confirm the negotiations are profitable. The collaborative divorce team usually includes a parenting expert, divorce coach, and neutral finance professional to settle into an agreement. 

Default Divorce

When a party files for divorce and the other party doesn’t respond, the court may grant the divorce even if the other party doesn’t participate in court proceedings. The court may give a default divorce if the spouse can’t be found, doesn’t return from a foreign nation, or leaves jurisdiction. 

Summary Divorce

Summary divorce is most common among short marriages that last for less than 5 years. Most couples filing for it have no children, unimportant joint debts, and less property to distribute. You may download your required forms and paperwork to file a divorce. However, you should have a lawyer reading the agreement to ensure it’s legal and you understand what you agree to. 

The Bottomline

A divorce attorney can deal with these types of cases. Hire a highly experienced lawyer no matter where you are in divorce proceedings to get answers to the most important queries. 

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