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Why is My Bathroom Faucet Dripping?

The bathroom faucet dripping is annoying and inconvenient. Unfortunately, dripping faucets are widely common, indicating water damage. Delaying the fix can cause water stains and higher water bills. Most leaky faucets can be fixed using DIY solutions; however, some homeowners lack basic knowledge and ignore the problem leading to expensive repairs. Consulting professional and reliable plumbers in San Jose can help identify the reason and fix it effectively. Defective components, including o-rings, washers, and gaskets, can cause leaky faucets. But corrosion and mineral deposits can also lead to the problem.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, a faucet that drips one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons annually.

Here Are the Causes of Leaky Faucets.

Corroded Valve Seat

The joint of the faucet and spout in the connecting mechanism is called a valve seat. Your faucet may leak because of the corrosion caused by mineral deposits. Cleaning the valve seat to remove sediment buildup can help prevent corrosion.

O-ring Problems

Worn-out O-rings become loose after prolonged use and loosen up the seal leading to leaky faucets around the handle area. The O-ring involves a small screw that holds the faucet in its place. Over time, it becomes loose and wears out.

Water Pressure

Unstable water pressure is another reason behind leaky faucets. If you notice dripping faucets at specific times, the water pressure may be too high, causing backups in the plumbing system. Again, consult a professional to confirm the cause and employ a relevant solution.

Broken Plumbing

Broken plumbing is one of the primary causes of leaky faucets. Broken plumbing includes corroded pipes that develop cracks and affect the water flow in the home plumbing system. Prolonged use can age the fixtures and cause burst pipes, leading to expensive damage. Consulting with an expert plumbing company in Sacramento, CA, can help detect the problem before it’s too late and suggest an effective solution.

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Damaged Seals

Seals are crucial for the smooth working of faucets. Since the seals control the water flow, they get damaged because sediment builds up or corrosion happens. Consequently, broken seals affect the water flow and cause leaking faucets.


Worn-out washers can also cause bathroom faucet leaks. The washer is positioned over the valve seat, causing wear and tear over time. Incorrect installation and wrong size can also contribute to leaks.


Whether it’s a broken pipe or faulty plumbing, contacting the best Modesto plumbers is a wise decision to address the problem efficiently. If you try to replace faucets, you may worsen the leaks because of incomplete knowledge and low experience. Instead, it is recommended to schedule inspections from professionals and practice preventative measures to prevent leaky faucets.

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