Can I Hire a PR Agency After a Crisis?

PR Agency

A crisis can harm your brand’s image and competitiveness. Hire a PR agency to help with crisis management so you can safeguard and restore your brand’s reputation. The agency can assess your crisis issue and develop strategies to handle the problem, minimizing its impact on business operations. 

How Can a PR Agency Help You?

PR agencies are key to effective crisis management because they can:

Monitor Negative Media Coverage 

It’s common for crises to go viral in the digital age, as people often share their experiences on social media. If left unmonitored, your crisis’s narrative could shift, as information sometimes gets distorted as it spreads. 

A PR team can help you control your narrative and make sure public perception doesn’t shift following the spread of wrong information. They may respond to public inquiries into your crisis and prepare press releases.

Implement a Communication Plan 

Your chosen agency can develop a plan outlining the steps your company should follow to mitigate the crisis. The plan can include creating a team of people who’ll be responsible for talking with the public and the media. These people should have an in-depth understanding of your brand and the crisis you want to manage. A communication plan can also include plans on how to collect and disseminate information and respond to the negative publicity that’ll likely follow your crisis. PR agencies can help you choose the right people and make sure your plans move forward without a hitch. 

Provide Support After the Crisis 

A reliable agency can help you get back to business as usual by making sure all the negative attention you get from your crisis goes away. They can achieve this by highlighting some of your brand’s positive attributes strategically — this may involve using influencers. 

But you need to be patient, as it may take time to resume business as usual. It’s better for crisis management to be done right than quickly. 

Help You Prepare for Future Crises

PR agencies can help you survive the aftermath of your current crisis and prepare you for future ones should they occur. They can develop protocols for fast response to prevent situations from getting out of hand. This may involve developing crisis simulations to test your business’s ability to respond to future problems. Simulations can highlight weaknesses in your response plan so you can improve them before an actual crisis occurs. 

Preparation may also involve offering training to your employees and the brand’s spokesperson. Training may involve mock interviews to help them learn how to communicate with the media since poor communication can worsen crises. 

How To Choose the Right Agency After a Crisis

Your choice of an agency can determine how effectively you mitigate your crisis. Here are factors to consider when choosing one:

Your Industry

A PR agency that specifically works with brands in your industry can be a better option than one that doesn’t — they understand the issues unique to your industry. This means hiring a fashion PR firm if you’re in the fashion industry. Industry-specific PR firms are also likely to have relationships with key players in your industry who may help you out of your crisis.

An Agency’s Relationship With the Media

You should find an agency with a positive relationship with the media for effective crisis management. A firm with good media relationships can schedule press releases faster so you can control public perception early. 

An Agency’s Services

You should hire a firm that offers more than just crisis management services to avoid hiring multiple agencies in the future. There’s more to PR than just mitigating crises. PR also involves services like building relationships with your industry’s top players, researching trends to help your brand stay current, and overseeing your marketing strategies to help boost brand awareness without compromising your image. Your chosen PR firm should be able to offer all the PR services you need. 

The Right PR Agency Can Help You Manage Your Crisis

Hire a PR agency before a crisis hits for more effective control. The right PR firm can help you shape public perception and control the narrative the media shares by monitoring media coverage and helping you implement an effective crisis management strategy. You should find an agency that specializes in your industry and has an excellent relationship with the media for the best results.

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